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Carmen Torpenhow was born in Lima, Peru, in 1963. She also has Danish nationality. Her father is the writer Teófilo Valdivia Zárate.
She has a degree in primary school teaching and completed courses at the National School of Fine Arts. She also has specialized as a teacher of autistic children in Denmark, where she lived since 1998.

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Behind the Book

It has been a real privilege to visit the women’s prisons in Ayacucho , Peru. I’ve written this book, inspired by a real case. I am grateful to God for its successful e-book launch.

I thank you for your purchase on behalf of the women in prison, as all that is raised from the sale of this book will be to collaborate with them.

As of today, you can already find the physical book on Amazon. Here is the link:

Book Reviews

Prison and Glory a mysterious story, it shows us how incredible life can be, but also always gives us hope that we can change our present. I highly recommend reading this book.
A very interesting book, from the beginning to the end... I couldn't stop reading it... And how nicely describes some Peruvian places. I think we all could be Micaela at some point... and now we are left with the curiosity what became of Micaela afterwards? Good book and I recommend it!
I would recommend this book to anyone. It is an amazing story about love, tragedy, and redemption. It is so beautifully written that you feel like you are there in the Peruvian streets with the characters. Each chapter ends with something that you can meditate on. I read it in one day because I could not put it down. I would love to see it made into a movie!!

International Creative Art Expo 2023

See you in Mexico! I invite you to my art exhibition, where along with many other artists from Mexico and Latin America, we will be celebrating Latin American art for the world.

June 10th, 2023.
Distritosoma : Estación del Ferrocarril, Lupita 2, San Miguel de Allende, México, 337759